Hair Highlight Techniques Explained for your next Colouring Adventure

Can’t decode which Hair Highlight Technique you should get? We’re here to help.


This is the most commonly tried hair colour trend. Highlights usually involve a foil technique where hair is sectioned before colour is applied to lift the hair and make it look voluminous



Like the name suggests, babylights are highlights that are subtle and closer to the face so as to frame your visage. The colour is muted and not in your face, unlike Highlights.



Lowlights are the exact opposite of highlights. The latter gives your hair a three-dimensional effect; while lowlights give depth to your existing hair colour. The technique involves colouring your hair one shade darker than your existing hair colour.

low lights.jpg

Ombre lights

Ombre lights basically refer to a gradient of colour that starts from the roots and then turns lighter towards the end.



This fresh hair technique makes highlights look super natural. Created by Liz Haven, this process involves taking fine strands of hair and applying colour on them. The tint is micro fine and hardly noticeable, but adds depth to locks



Balayage is freehand technique, where the colourist applies the colour in a sweeping motion.


Foilyage is pretty similar to balayage, and the hair colour is applied in a similar manner–except it is then wrapped in foil which makes the colour more intense. Foilyage is ideal for those who have brown and darker hair tones


Palm painting

Palm painting is also like balayage, but the technique doesn’t involve using a brush. In palm painting, the colourist uses his/her palm to apply the colour, which gives it a more natural sun-kissed effect.

palm painting

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